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28. Emceeing the MHQ Appreciation Lunch: Around the World with Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs

A Heartwarming Reunion

Hey there, friends! I'm so excited to share my experience as the emcee for the MHQ Appreciation Lunch, where I was able to reconnect with my former bosses and colleagues from my National Service days. Being part of the Police Psychological Services Division (PPSD), which is located in PHQ just beside MHQ, and having spent 14+ years of National Service and reservist with PPSD, hosting for the MHA and the Home Team always feels like a warm and familiar embrace, making me feel like I'm "back home." So, let's dive right in and take a journey "Around the World" with Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs staff.

The theme of the event was "Around the World," and it was a celebration of the staff of the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters. The aim was to express appreciation for their hard work and achievements, and what better way to do that than with a fun-filled, travel-inspired event?

Rekindling Connections in a Buzzing Atmosphere

This event was the first in-person lunch held in over two years due to the pandemic, and with over 700 attendees, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement. I couldn't wait to get the party started!

We had various games and activities to keep everyone entertained, such as a table icebreaker game, a Kahoot quiz, and a paper plane contest! ;D

Minister Shanmugam giving us his opening remarks -Emceeing the MHQ Appreciation Lunch: Around the World with Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs

Formality Meets Fun - with Fashion, Music & Speeches

In addition to the fun and games, the event featured a fashion show by Senior Directors, showcasing their outfits inspired by the theme, and an opening speech by Minister Shanmugam, which added a touch of formality to the otherwise fun-filled event.

The live music from the talented SPF Fusion Ensemble, a versatile group from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) Band, and their unique blend of popular international music added a lively atmosphere to the lunch.

Creative Competition for the Best Dressed

One of the most anticipated activities was the Best Dressed competition, where attendees competed to see who had the most creative and theme-appropriate outfits. The finalists were so creatively dressed, and everyone had a blast participating in the friendly competition. As the event drew to a close, we announced the winners of the various competitions, and at the end, everyone parted with a feeling of accomplishment and appreciation.

(with one of my bosses from my NS days, and my reservist friend!)

Reliving Fond Memories of National Service

This event not only brought back fond memories of my National Service days but also reminded me of the camaraderie we shared with my reservice mates. It was a similar heartwarming feeling I experienced when I assisted with the massive multi-venue roadshow that marked the very first Police Community Roadshow in 2016.

I'm incredibly grateful to have been the emcee for this amazing event, and I hope my experience can inspire and assist future event planners looking to create memorable experiences for their attendees.

Eager for More Opportunities with MHA!

I genuinely hope to have more opportunities to work with the MHA and the many organizations under its care, as these events allow me to reconnect with my roots and celebrate the strong bonds formed during my service. It is a privilege to contribute to the growth and development of these organizations, and I look forward to more engagements in the future.

wide angle view of minister of home affairs mr shanmugum giving us his opening remarks - Emceeing the MHQ Appreciation Lunch: Around the World with Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs


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