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Deciding on a Roadshow emcee / Road show emcee is not the easiest. There is a lot to think about. But you can relax!

I have been the Roadshow Emcee for hundreds of Road show events with event planners like you since 2006: I know what you are going through, and I know how to support you.

I am your event partner, and we share the same vision for your event; to give your brand & audience an experience through roadshows & brand activation events.


"Melvin was as reliable an emcee as he was a stand-out, interacting with, and energizing the crowd with his impeccable wit and sense of timing. He was also very proactive and took a lot of initiative that went beyond the instructions given by us, to engage the crowd"

Selina Sebastian (Ms.), Edu Manager, SPCA

What are my experiences, being an Emcee for Roadshows?

Here are some clients I have served

Here are some of the clients I have served Companies, Government Agencies, Brands Since 2013

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See me 'LIVE' – as a Road show Emcee in Singapore

Here is a summary of my high energy events,

some as Road show Emcee

Client Testimonials

Your Road show & Brand Activation emcee

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I look forward to serving as your Road show event emcee for your Organization's & Brand Activation events

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2 McDonalds-Wasabi-Ebi-Burger-Launch-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
3 Ben-and-Jerrys-Ice-cream-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
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6 Formula1 Formula One F1-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
7 Singapore Grand Prix-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
8 McDonalds-McSpicy-FaceOff -brand-activation-emcee-roadshow-road-show-emcee-singapore
9 McDonalds-Meet-the-Minions-brand-activation-emcee-roadshow-road-show-emcee-singapore
10 HSBC-Womens-Champions-Mega-Roadshow-2-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
11 HSBC-Womens-Champions-Mega-Roadshow-0-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
12 Singapore-Food-Carnival-in-Dubai-3-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
13 Singapore-Food-Carnival-in-Dubai-1-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
14 UOB travel savvy-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
15 UOB_Travel_Savvy-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
16 BOLS-Liquers-Roving-with-Rob-Rademaker-4-brand-activation-emcee-roadshow-road-show-emcee-singapore
17 BOLS-Liquers-Roving-with-Rob-Rademaker-6-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore-for-Brand-Activations-Events
18 NesCafe-World-Happy-Day-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
19 NesCafe-World-Happy-Day-2-brand-activation-emcee-roadshow-road-show-emcee-singapore
20 Samsung Mobile S10 plus-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore-for-Brand-Activation-Events
21 Samsung Mobile S10 plus-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore-for-Brand-Activations
22 AVA-SPCA-WorldAnimallDay-brand-activation-emcee-roadshow-road-show-emcee-singapore
23 Launch-of-Police-Community-Roadshow-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
24 Cornetto Shake it off taylor swift-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore
25 Cornetto Shake it off taylor swift-Emcee-MC-Host-Singapore

What my Event Emcee clients say


Why Choose Melvin?

Trusted by

Gov, Corp & Brands

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies & Ministries / Agencies in SG and beyond

Experienced Emcee

15+ years of experience and expertise in emceeing both formal and energetic events

Professional & Adaptable

Professional, energetic, and adaptable on stage, with an easy-going attitude

Flexible & Easy-going

Works seamlessly with event planners and is flexible behind the scenes

Diverse Services

Offers a wide range of emcee services for various types of events

Qualified & Certified

Highly qualified and certified in multiple areas, including Marketing, NLP and training

Why do clients choose Melvin as their Road Show Emcee?

You are looking for an emcee who can bring out the energy within your brand, product, audience & event. Above that, you are also looking for an emcee who is ready to take the time to learn the ins and outs of your brand - to personify the brand, to become an ambassador.

With my 10 years of experience, I can help!

Here are some Reasons Why Clients Like You Choose Melvin:

● Marketing background – I am an honours graduate, a double major in marketing and corporate communications from SMU. I also have marketing experience with Apple South-East Asia and MediaCorp. I understand exactly what to say and do to present your brand activation event to its potential

● High energy - Your brand’s message cuts through the clutter and gets attention through my high energy that builds a bridge to your audience.

● A Great Voice - A one of a kind “radio-like” voice can help your event keep attention

● Adaptability - Events are exciting as nothing is ever set in stone. My adaptability & versatility can help when new developments or requirements arise. If ever you find your event needing the emcee to cover formalities, I also happen to emcee corporate events, covering services as Conference emcee, Seminar emcee, & Launch, Opening, Awards Gala Dinner, Trade show emcee service

What is my Guarantee to you, as your chosen

Roadshow emcee / Brand Activation emcee?


During the planning & execution, you can expect from me as Roadshow Emcee & Brand Activation Emcee:

● Consistent communication

● Reliability and professionalism

● Flexibility and Adaptability

● 110% effort during our event

● 110% energy through your event