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Ensuring the Success of Your Events!


Deciding on a Dinner and Dance emcee host is not the easiest. There is plenty to think about. But you can relax!

I've been the Dinner and Dance Emcee for hundreds of Dinner and Dance events with event planners just like you since 2006. I know what you go through, and I know how to support you before and during the DND.

I am your event partner, and we share the same vision for your event; to give the your audience an awesome DND experience.


"Melvin was totally awesome and brought down the house! He had the audience from the get go with his witty hosting and hilarious games. Everyone, from the working level to the VIPs enjoyed the night immensely and later commended on what a fantastic host he was. It was 100% entertaining, and kudos to Melvin!"

Vincent Goh, SingTel TV

What's my experience, as a Dinner and Dance, DND Emcee?

Here are some of the clients I have served. Companies, Government Agencies, Brands Since 2013

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See me 'LIVE' – as a Dinner & Dance Emcee in Singapore

Here's a day in my work as a Dinner and Dance Emcee, Host

What my Emcee clients say

Why Choose Melvin?

Trusted by

Gov, Corp & Brands

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies & Ministries / Agencies in SG and beyond

Experienced Emcee

15+ years of experience and expertise in emceeing both formal and energetic events

Professional & Adaptable

Professional, energetic, and adaptable on stage, with an easy-going attitude

Flexible & Easy-going

Works seamlessly with event planners and is flexible behind the scenes

Diverse Services

Offers a wide range of emcee services for various types of events

Qualified & Certified

Highly qualified and certified in multiple areas, including Marketing, NLP and training

Dinner & Dance emcee

Please browse through our Dinner and Dance photos!

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2 Ascendas Kpopped -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
3 Ascendas Kpopped -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
4 BakerTillyTFW-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
5 Focus Media-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
6 Focus Media-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
7 Focus Media-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
9 HBOasia-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
10 Ingram Micro-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
11 Ingram Micro -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
12 KH Foges-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
13 KH Foges-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
14 KH Foges-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
15 Linxens - 15th Anniversary -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
16 McDonald's Appreciation Lunch -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
18 Mind Stretcher -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
19 Mind Stretcher -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
20 GreeneTweed -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
21 Sephora DND 1 - photo credits to Avivar Audience Communications -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
22 Sephora DND 3 - photo credits to Avivar Audience Communications -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
23 Sephora DND 4  - photo credits to Avivar Audience Communications -dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
24 SingTelTV1-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc
25 SingTelTV2-dinneranddance-dnd-emcee-host-mc

What my Emcee clients say


Why clients like You choose Melvin as their Dinner and Dance Emcee?

You’re looking for a fun emcee who can relate to your guests and get them to have fun; and with my 10 years of experience, with hundreds of Dinner and Dance events ranging from from 20 to 1500 pax, I can definitely bring out the fun side in your audience!

You are also looking for an emcee who is used to working closely with clients directly (instead of through an event planner), as such an emcee may be able to advise you better when it comes to programme planning. With many D&Ds and parties planned alongside with clients just like yourself, I can definitely help do justice to your event! :)

More Reasons Why Clients Like You Choose Melvin:

● For energetic Corporate events - A Memorable event for all awaits, as my energetic and unique delivery leads your audience to let go and have fun, and with my personal system, your event is ensured to to reach a high

(Sample clients: SingTel, Sephora, HBO Asia, etc)

● Alertness and Adaptability -- Live events are exciting as nothing can ever be set in stone. My alertness and adaptability to changes help make new developments or requirements look seamless.

● For Semi-formal / Formal segments — Focus, poise, assuredness are what I bring to the table with my trusted ability to carry out the brief to a T, my alertness and adaptability to changes, and my broad vocal range which includes a deep "radio-like" voice that brings focus to any segment

(Sample clients: Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, NVIDIA)

● Versatility - Seamless transitions between the most different segments as I switch with ease between formalities & fun

(E.g.: Awards Ceremonies with Games, Long service Awards, Launches within Dinner event)

What can i promise as the selected Dinner and Dance Emcee?

profile photo - Emcee Melvin Ho Professional Event Emcee Host MC Singapore

During the planning & execution, you can expect from me as the Dinner and Dance Emcee:

● Consistent communication in planning

● Reliability & professionalism

● Flexibility & Adaptability during your Dinner event

● Great ideas

● 110% effort

● 110% energy through your Dinner and Dance