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4. Carnival @ Greenwich V with Emcee Singapore, Melvin Ho | Carnival Family Kids Children Emcee Singapore

Hey guys!

I just got back from a major high energy event called 'Carnival @ Greenvich V'! To those of you who don't already know, there's a charming new mall at Seletar Road called Greenwich V ('Greenwich' is actually pronounced “Gren-ich” and boy am I glad they told me before I made a fool of myself on stage haha)! 

With an alfresco and village-like ambience, I'd refer to it as a breathe of fresh air compared to the concrete jungle we've got at Orchard Road.

Check out this amazing picture I took at night:

 Greenwich V open mall in singapore

Serene and beautiful :)

Anyway, back to the event (which as held on the second level with an amazing view and lovely fresh air)! It was an event catered for families but, of course, there were stalls set up within the vicinity to for the little shopaholic inside everyone! That aside, we were privileged to be entertained by a ventriloquist, lots of magic performances by GREAT magicians (I was enthralled, can you imagine the kids?!), and even a yoga master who could write upside-down with his feet!!

Proof of that!:

 I can't even do calligraphy with my hands -_-

GreenwichV Mall at Selatar | Carnival performance Yoga Calligraphy | Emcee Singapore Melvin Ho

 I can't even do calligraphy with my hands -_-

GreenwichV Mall at Selatar | Magician Performing at Carnival | Emcee Singapore Melvin Ho

Mr Magician working his, uhm, magic! Haha. I would have taken more pictures but as embarrassed as I am to say this, I really wanted to watch the magic show :x

Everyone (especially the kids!) had a ton of fun but what I enjoyed the most, was the opportunity to play some really fun stage games with the kids! :) Kids are so easily amused and aren't afraid to have fun - we adults really have to learn a thing or two about that from them! :) It was such a pleasure emceeing for the kids and their families!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend! To those of you who haven't come by the new mall, do check it out! Shopping and dining (a ton of top-notch restaurants by the way!) under the stars, cool eh? ;)