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10. DELL XPS13 Ultrabook Challenge | Emcee in Singapore, Melvin Ho | Roadshow Emcee Singapore

Hey guys!

Just finished the DELL UltraBook Challenge event! VERY EXCITING STUFF. It was perfect weather out today for the roadshow (didn't soak through my shirt in the heat haha) and an even better day to be a Roadshow emcee in sunny Singapore!.

Dell Ultrabook Challenge | Roadshow Road Show Emcee in Singapore | Melvin Ho

It was a day full of blind-tests! We had 5 laptops on display, each with their brands concealed and participants got to play around with each one before picking what they thought was the best. The test was first performed by DELL in San Francisco and I must say our locals enjoyed it just as much! I mean, why not?! Every single participant, whether they eventually picked Dell or not got themselves a FREE t-shirt and stood a chance to win a FREE Dell Ultrabook XPS13 (good way to convert people don't you think? haha). Even if you were a participant, and didn't pick Dell, I'm sure you were secretly hoping to win it right!! :P

The whole point was to find out Singapore's favorite UltraBook model and I'm proud to say the roadshow was a success! The focus was on the office crowd (the roadshow today was held at One Raffles Place) as it's you guys who probably use UltraBooks more than the rest of us and make awesome judges! The challenge was conducted by Class95 DJ's Bobby Tonelli (also Dell's Singapore Ambassador) and Vernetta Lopez so there was definitely a little eye and ear candy for everyone ;)

Dell Ultrabook Challenge Bobby Tonelli Vernetta Lopez | Roadshow Road Show Emcee in Singapore | Melvin Ho

It was an amazing day and I'm honored to be a part of this challenge! It was my first time filming an official ad and I must say I'm looking forward to more :P Wanna know the results? Check out the video below!

Maybe it's time for me to make a switch to PC :P A pity I can't win one! I'd make that switch in an instant haha!

Check out the video :)))