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Since 2006, I have been the Corporate Emcee behind hundreds of corporate events in Singapore, working hand-in-hand with event planners like you. My journey has honed my ability to intuitively understand your needs and provide unparalleled support both before and during your event.

If you're seeking an engaging and dynamic Emcee for your corporate events, look no further. From grand Opening Ceremonies to Fun Dinner and Dances, my expertise spans events of all sizes, accommodating 50 to 5000 attendees.

As a strategic event partner & Emcee for Corporate Events, our shared mission is to create a captivating and enriching experience for your audience while ensuring your Corporate event attains its Strategic Goals.

Ready to elevate your corporate event with professional emceeing that guarantees success and engagement? Contact Me Today and let's bring your event vision to life!


Melvin helped emceeing our major industry events comprising 1500-2000 participants seamlessly over the years, he is professional, his tone & presentation were superb, he transmits positive energy to the audience and he took away a lot of pressure with ease and left us extremely satisfied. He made our shows, we highly recommend Melvin as emcee for corporate events; for official events and any other parties as a host!

Win Min, Informa Markets

My Journey as a Emcee for Corporate Events

Clients I've partnered with as a Corporate Emcee in Singapore include various Companies, Government Agencies, and Brands since 2006.

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Watch and Experience - A Day in the Life of Melvin Ho, Emcee for Corporate Events

Join me at:

  1. Corporate Dinner & Dance events
  2. Tech Conference with Engagement Activities
  3. A Opening / Launch Ceremony
  4. An Awards Dinner

Testimonials: Why Clients Choose Emcee Melvin for Corporate Events

Why Emcee Melvin is the Premier Choice for Corporate Events?

Trusted by

Gov, Corp & Brands

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies & Ministries / Agencies in SG and beyond

Proven Experience

Over 15 years of dedication and expertise in hosting both formal and vibrant corporate events

Dynamic and Professional

A blend of energy, professionalism, and adaptability, ensuring a fluid event experience

Collaborative & Accommodating

Working seamlessly with event teams, offering flexibility in every aspect

Broad Range of Services

Catering to diverse event types with tailored corporate emcee services

Highly Skilled and Accredited

Well-versed in Marketing, NLP, and training, enhancing the event's impact

Professional Emcee for Corporate Events

Please browse through our Corporate Emcee photos!

Emcee for corporate events

Ascendas Client Appreciation

Emcee for corporate events singapore

ExxonMobil Opening Ceremony

Emcee for corporate events | Emcee Melvin Ho

McDonald's Staff Appreciation Lunch

Emcee for corporate events singapore | Emcee Melvin Ho

NUS Awards Cre

Emcee for corporate events in singapore | Emcee Melvin Ho

Focus Media Anniversary Party

Corporate Emcee

Corporate emcee Singapore

Ingram Micro Dinner and Dance

Corporate Emcee | Emcee Melvin Ho

CANON Conference / Seminar

Corporate Emcee Singapore | Emcee Melvin Ho

Company Anniversary Celebrations

Client Feedback on My Corporate Emcee Services


Choose Melvin as an Emcee for your Corporate Events

If you're seeking an engaging and dynamic Emcee for your corporate events, look no further. With over 15 years of experience and a portfolio featuring hundreds of events, I specialize in bringing energy to a wide range of corporate gatherings. From grand Opening Ceremonies to Fun Dinner and Dances, my expertise spans across events of all sizes, accommodating 50 to 5000 attendees.

What sets me apart is my direct collaboration with clients like you. This close working relationship enables me to offer tailored advice on program planning and ensures your event's success.

Types of Corporate Events I Excel In:

Whether it's a

● lively Dinner and Dance,

● a prestigious Industry Networking Night,

● an impactful Product Launch,

● an insightful Conference or Seminar,

● or a prestigious Industry Networking Night,

my versatile approach guarantees a memorable experience for your Audience.

Why Emcee Melvin is the Go-To Choice for Your Corporate Event:

● 1) Corporate Emcee Expertise: — Understanding the essence of the Emcee role, I ensure your corporate event flows smoothly, guiding guests seamlessly and setting the stage for what's to come, without overshadowing the event's main purpose.

● 2) Schedule Mastery — As your corporate event emcee, I skillfully manage the event's timeline, adeptly filling or shortening hosting segments to keep everything on schedule, despite unpredictable speech / segment lengths.

● 3) Energetic and Engaging: — Appropriately Energize your event with my unique and personable style, guaranteeing a memorable experience for everyone.

● 4) Alertness and AdaptabilityMy quick adaptability to live event dynamics ensures seamless transitions and handling of any unexpected changes.

● 5) Professional Poise for Formal Segments — With focus and a deep, commanding voice, I bring poise and assurance to more formal segments of your event.

● 6) Versatile Transition Skills: - Effortlessly navigate between the varied demands of formal and fun segments, ensuring smooth transitions throughout your event.

With a track record of satisfied clients including SingTel, Sephora, HBO Asia, the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, and NVIDIA, and my diverse qualifications in Marketing, NLP, and training, I am not just an Corporate emcee but a strategic partner in making your corporate event a resounding success!

My Commitment as Your Chosen Emcee for Corporate Events

profile photo - Emcee Melvin Ho Professional Event Emcee Host MC Singapore

As the Emcee for your Corporate Events, I am committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of your event, from planning to execution.

Here's what I bring as your Corporate Emcee:

● Consistent Communication: - Expect seamless collaboration throughout the planning process.

● Professionalism and Reliability: - With my extensive experience, including working with Fortune 500 companies and various Singapore Ministries, professionalism is guaranteed.

● Flexibility and Adaptability: - Whether it's a formal or fun event, my adaptable approach ensures a smooth flow, even behind the scenes.

● Innovative Ideas: - Leveraging my expertise in Marketing, NLP, and training, I bring creative and engaging ideas to enhance your event.

● Unmatched Effort and Energy: - With 15+ years of experience as a trusted, energetic, and qualified corporate emcee, I dedicate 110% effort and energy to ensure your Dinner and Dance is memorable and successful.