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14. Family Time Odyssey Game Show for National Family Celebrations @ Hwa Chong Institution & Republic Polytechnic

National Family Council Singapore Family Time Odyssey Game Show Qualifiers - Grand Finals Adrianna Wow and BBSee - Emcee Singapore Melvin Ho

Hey Guys!

Here’s a super interesting entry on *game show host voice* The Family Time Odyssey Game Show! I’m extremely excited to share this with you guys because aside from the fun, the whole preparation process as well as the actual game made me realize so many things that we folks take for granted these days.

A snippet of information about the Show:

The Family Time Odyssey Game Show is part of the wider National Family Celebrations 2012 that’s organized by the National Family Council and supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS).

The roving game show has travelled from:

  1. ITE College East
  2. ITE College West
  3. ITE College Central
  4. Hwa Chong institution
  5. Republic Poly

Having been a student for a good 18 years of my life, and of course, with the recent reconnection with the youth, I was reminded that students have to put in a ton of time and effort into doing well that sometimes, family is taken for granted. It’s easy to forget that the basis of a good relationship is understanding and this game show totally reminded me of it!

Let me explain the mechanics of the game so you guys get a better idea of what I’m talking about 😉

National Family Council Singapore Family Time Odyssey Game Show Qualifiers - Hwa Chong Institution 2 - Emcee Singapore Melvin Ho

There were a total of 5 teams (I know my hand says 4, I do have problems counting sometimes)- each consisting of a Parent and a Youth. Each team were asked super interesting questions to bring them on a time-travel trip where they explored the past, present, and future together (now you understand the poster better right!) 🙂

There were 3 categories:

1) Reflect, Connect, Embrace 

As the emcee, I had to test how well Parents and Children knew each other

E.g. In a department store, which department would your parent most likely visit?

E.g. What is your child’s favourite way to destress? (We had a ton of censoring to do here! Okay I’m just kidding haha)

Only when answers from both the parents and child matched were they given points! It really wasn’t easy at all! I mean how many of you guys think you’d be able to answer those questions above at the drop of a hat huh? I think most of us are glued to our phones when our parents drag bring us out to the mall (haha c’mon it can’t just be me) so it definitely tested the understanding they had for one another!

2) Closing the “Gap”

This tested how well the Parent and Youth teams had closed the generation gap between them.

Youths were asked questions on Adult culture, and Adults were asked questions on Youth culture!

E.g. Youth Culture question for Adults — When your child says “for the win“ or “FTW”, what do they mean?

E.g. Adult Culture question for Youths — When your parents talk about “Medisave“, what do they mean?

You guys will be surprised to know that ALL the parents knew what FTW was!!! But………… None of the youths could answer any of the Adult Culture questions. Hahaha eh guys. Not listening when your parents are speaking right!!!

3) Tag Team Action

We tested how well the Family Teams worked together as a team as they tried to be the fastest to press the buzzer to answer difficult Trivia questions!

E.g. Back in the 1800s, this island was famous for its granite quarries. Now, it is a popular destination for family outings and cycling trips. Where is this place?

To be honest right now I’m asking myself where is this place because I can’t remember haha. 1800s okay!! I was shocked when people actually knew the answer to this one! (Okay I checked, it’s Pulau Ubin *ba dum tss*)

Going through the game show, I realized that the questions were really not simple at all, especially towards the end! But I was really, really happy to see Parents and Children working as very efficient teams- discussing as quickly as they can, speedily writing their answers on their white boards, hitting their buzzers ultra quick and hoping for the best together 🙂

National Family Council Singapore Family Time Odyssey Game Show Qualifiers - Hwa Chong Institution 3 - Emcee Singapore Melvin Ho

That aside, it was a real honor to have the Chairman of the National Family Council grace this fun event at Hwa Chong!

Anyway, I think the event organizers have done a fantastic job! They came up with the exciting concept and planned the entire game show (questions, layout and all) by themselves! The audience and teachers were commenting that it was a thrilling game show and they were looking forward to have more of such activities in school for the students 🙂 Kudos to you guys!!! 😉

Aside from being uber fun, I felt that the game show managed to subtly push through some great learning points in a very engaging manner. I’m VERY sure that the students went home to ask their parents some of the interesting questions that were asked during the show. E.g. “What’s your parent’s favourite ECA in school?” So any parents reading this, if you got some weird questions thrown at you recently, you probably know why! Haha.

If you guys wanna catch the finals, here’s some information that might interest you! 😉

Grand Finals of the Game show will be hosted by Adrianna Wow and B.B.See from The Noose!

There’ll be live entertainment and……………… Even a performance by Mr. Yam Ah Mee!! (I’m sure you guys are curious to know what his performance is gonna be about!)

Prizes include:

  • Grand Prize: $1,000 NTUC FairPrice vouchers + Family Travel Package to Hongkong
  • 1st Runner Up: $500 NTUC FairPrice vouchers + the new iPad + iPhone 4S
  • 2nd Runner Up: $300 NTUC FairPrice vouchers + the new iPad

Makes me wish I were taking part really! I mean I doubt I’d be able to answer any of the questions (I like to think of myself as a Youth and that I’d have genuine trouble answering the questions on Adult Culture) but it’s still so much fun 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read this one out guys! More soon! 😉