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8. World Happy Day with NESCAFE | road show emcee singapore, Melvin Ho

Hey guys!


I spent World Happy Day with NESCAFÉ as their roadshow emcee / road show emcee along with a crowd of smiley people! Thank you loads to the hardworking people behind the scenes; and the generosity of everyone who made the event such a success! Before I get into the event details, check out some Shiny, Smiley People below!! 🙂

kiddo is happy! Nescafe Roadshow Road show Emcee Singapore
Balloons! Nescafe Roadshow Road show Emcee Singapore
More balloons! Nescafe Roadshow Road show Emcee Singapore

For this year’s WorldHappyDay, NESCAFÉ spread happiness all over Orchard Road! We partied the day away at Somerset 313! For those who didn’t make it inside the mall, they certainly noticed that NESCAFÉ had painted Orchard Road RED with:

  1. red balloons
  2. NESCAFÉ staff in red t-shirts,
  3. red coffee mugs
  4. red photowalls!

NESCAFÉ handed out:

  1. coffee in 5 flavours
  2. along with NESCAFÉ balloons!
  3. All we needed in exchange were………………..
Awesome photowall! Nescafe Roadshow Road show Emcee Singapore

YUP YOU GUESSED IT! SMILES! And it was all for a cause too! 😉 For every Smile Photo taken during this event, $0.50 was donated to Operation Smile Singapore 😀 This donation was to give a group of people the gift of happiness – children in developing countries born with cleft lips & facial deformities, who now can regain their smiles through corrective surgery 🙂 Yay!

We take for granted our smiles. We can have a smile on our faces any time, but there are some people in the world born without them.

I know EVERYONE wanted to help!! 🙂

Operation Smile's Website :)))

For information on how you can help, click HERE! 🙂

What a way to spend the day! I was genuinely surprised to see such a big group of the NESCAFÉ senior management there to support the cause. Even the Nescafe’s Managing Director was there! The NESCAFÉ crew worked really, really hard to get as many smiles as they could

Even though there was a big NESCAFÉ photowall, & loads of event crew to capture smiles within 313, NESCAFÉ staff gamely walked through the Somerset area “collecting” smiles with their personal cameras to capture smiles! Now that’s DEDICATION 😉

It feels great that a centenarian Brand like NESCAFÉ is still putting in the effort to do what they can for society 🙂 I was so pleased to be a part of it as their roadshow emcee / road show emcee! Thanks for having me guys! I’m looking forward to the next WorldHappyDay! 😀

Mandatory photo between road show emcee & event organizer, Jake! :ppp
YAYYYYY! Nescafe Roadshow Road show Emcee Singapore

To give you an idea of how I felt 😛